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Houston DWI Attorney Paul B. Kennedy defends citizens
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Were you wrongly accused of driving while intoxicated? The
experience can turn your life upside down. You need an
aggressive, experienced
DWI lawyer on your side who
knows how to fight a wrongful accusation and defend your

Houston DWI Attorney Paul B. Kennedy will stand alongside
you and fight to clear your name, defend your rights and
restore your reputation.

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When Bad Things Happen to Good People
  1. You have the right to refuse to
    perform roadside sobriety tests.
  2. You have the right to refuse the
    breath test.
  3. You have the right to an independent
    blood test within 2 hours of taking a
    breath test.
  4. You have the right not to answer any
    questions and to talk with a DWI
  5. If you are arrested for DWI, you have
    15 days to contact a DWI lawyer to
    appeal the suspension of your Texas
    Driver's License.
  6. If the roadside sobriety tests are not
    administered in strict compliance with
    NHTSA guidelines, the validity of the
    test results is compromised.
  7. The police officer administering the
    breath test has no knowledge of the
    (pseudo)scientific principles behind
    the breath test machine.
  8. It may take up to 2 hours for the
    alcohol you consumed to make its
    way into your bloodstream.
  9. If the police didn't have a valid reason
    to stop you, all the evidence gathered
    after the stop may be inadmissible in
  10. You need an experienced DWI
    attorney who knows the law and
    knows the tests to defend you and to
    protect your rights.
You look in your rear view mirror and see
flashing lights behind you. This can’t be
happening to me runs a continuous loop
through your mind.

As soon as the officer smells the alcohol on
your breath this routine traffic stop becomes a
DWI stop. You did nothing wrong. You had a
couple of drinks with your friends. You wouldn’t
have gotten behind the wheel if you thought
you were
intoxicated. But now the officer asks
you to step outside.

You stand there on the side of the road while
the officer asks you to perform a series of
balancing exercises. You have no idea what
he's looking for. But you’re about to be under
arrest for
driving while intoxicated.

The officer handcuffs you and places you in the
back of his patrol car. You can’t believe what’s
happening. Your worst nightmare is coming
At the station the officer reads a piece of paper
to you and asks if you want to blow into the
breath machine. The officer won’t let you call a
DWI attorney. What should you do?

Every week in the Houston area, scores of
motorists are arrested on suspicion of
. The arrest is just the first of many
inconveniences a
DWI arrest can cause.

You need an
experienced DWI attorney to
help you wade through the legal maze in front
of you. You need a
drunk driving attorney who
can help fight to keep your driver’s license
valid. If your license is suspended, you need
experienced DWI lawyer who can get you
an occupational license so you don't lose your

You need an
experienced DWI attorney who
knows how to attack the roadside balancing
tests. You need a
drunk driving lawyer who
can challenge the accuracy and validity of the
state’s breath test. You need a
DWI attorney
who will stand and fight to protect your name,
your rights and your reputation.

Houston DWI Attorney Paul B. Kennedy has
been defending motorists wrongly accused of
drunk driving in Houston, Galveston and the
surrounding area since 2005.

If you’ve been arrested for
DWI, don’t blow it!